omg the most embarrassing thing happened to me today

so there’s a zayn look alike in my school and i work in the mailroom
being the stalker that i am, i knew his name
he had a package so i told my coworker to check him out when he comes in
few hours later my coworker was like “is it weird i can’t wait for this person to come in”
and i said his name excitedly loud
guess who was right there
my heart stopped when i heard “that’s me”

lesson: don’t fangirl too much over a lookalike

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i have to write my obituary for theology

sooo00o0 i have decided to die in battle

…for the last fried chicken at popeye’s

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getting your period in the middle of the day when you’re not supposed to get it for another week is the reason why girls have trust issues

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i told my best friend i’d bring her food but it’s mad far and she says

I can imagine you being like…. ”I’d save you but it’s mad far..”

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having feelings is too fucking exhausting

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the only perk of having a unique name is that sometimes people get to tell you your name is beautiful

after they’ve mispronounced it

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i could never do anything right

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I need someone who actually replies and puts effort into conversations and pays attention to me

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life’s too short

i need to watch more sunsets

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sometimes i get so sad

i can’t breathe

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when you send the wrong snapchat to someone and u gotta make up some dumb excuse why you sent it to them

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  • sister:*sends a snap* i see you
  • me:you see me rollinnn, you hatinnn
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so my stats professor sent us his detailed schedule for finals week and even goes as far to say what kind of bagel he’s gonna get every morning

my friend texts him saying “you should spend your dunkin donuts time finding a girlfriend”

if he ever brings this up in class i will laugh so hard he would think it was me

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  • me:how was your shower?
  • him:nice and wet
  • me:sounds dirty
  • him:just the opposite it was quite cleansing
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can we just fast forward to christmas pls

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