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it’s so rare that you meet someone who makes you feel so warm and happy like they are like sunshine and you just want them around all the time
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you have all these different looks  the one when you’re concentrating the one when you’re teasing me the one when you’re half asleep  and they all make me stop for a while because I lose my train of thought and I get caught up in staring at you but none more so than the look you have  when you’re looking back at me  and I think for the first time  in a really long time I understand what it’s like to never want to look away
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What I would do to wake up to this in the morning 🙈💕
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"But you’ve slipped under my skin, invaded my blood, and seized my heart."

so today my friends were at the tutoring center bc they’re taking summer organic chem
so i asked my friend if i could visit or if i needed an appointment and they said i could just come in
i walked in, a woman signs me in, i walk into the room where my friends are
the woman walks into the room and asks me what i need help with and of course i wasn’t gonna say i was just there for my friends bc she might kick me out
so i told her chapter 6 and she actually finds me a tutor
damn u linda i wasn’t there to learn

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how my boyfriend and i address each other
  • him:hi
  • me:hi
  • him:girlfriend
  • me:boyfriend
  • *stares weirdly at each other*
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Giving up all hopes of seeing you.

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omg the most embarrassing thing happened to me today

so there’s a zayn look alike in my school and i work in the mailroom
being the stalker that i am, i knew his name
he had a package so i told my coworker to check him out when he comes in
few hours later my coworker was like “is it weird i can’t wait for this person to come in”
and i said his name excitedly loud
guess who was right there
my heart stopped when i heard “that’s me”

lesson: don’t fangirl too much over a lookalike

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i have to write my obituary for theology

sooo00o0 i have decided to die in battle

…for the last fried chicken at popeye’s

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getting your period in the middle of the day when you’re not supposed to get it for another week is the reason why girls have trust issues

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